Letter: The Reality Of Working From Home Is Closer Than You Think


I made the jump to operating my own business back in 2002 and I have never regretted the decision. At the time, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do but I knew that it was imperative for me to control my own destiny and be paid the value of what I truly believed I was worth.
I started off in the bookkeeping industry as it was what I knew best. Over a 10 year period our firm became one of the best bookkeeping firms in the province. Referrals came in easily and effortlessly because we provided a superior skill set and product. That ten plus years gave us enormous experience and we even had clients referred to us from other countries. After selling this business I have now moved on to offering business financial support services. I am a business mentor, author, photographer and painter. Living in Tobermory year round for the last two years has enabled me to bring out my creative side.
Have you been thinking about finding ways to make the jump into your own business? To get things to be real, you have to do a little soul searching.
Here are some tips and tricks that I offer to help you jump off the fence into your own business and to work from home if you so desire;

Take the time to list your personal dreams and talents. What inherent gifts or talents do you possess and are passionate about? Finding out what you love to do is your start point. True wealth creation is about being in the flow of life and loving what you do.

Ditch the fear. In the beginning we all have the fearful “what ifs” coming at us. The biggest “what if” is the fear of failure. Well, that is most certainly a possibility. However, changing your mindset and visualizing all the great things that will come your way when you succeed is time better spent. Your first step is to consider what has been amputating your ambition in the first place. I must confess I am a list maker. In this case I would list all my reasons why I am not where I want to be on one side of the page and then I would list the exact opposite on the other. You will find out that the reasons for not going forward are simply not good enough to keep life as it is.

The world is at your finger tips. Quite literally. With today’s technology it isn’t about having customers or clients within a 50 km radius. We have great advantages in our generation and it is possible to have customers all over the world. So, what is that passionate idea for a business you have that can even service customers off the peninsula? I myself still have accounting clients where I can jump onto their computer even though they live all over the province. This is all from the comfort of my home office. The same with my mentoring services and working with business owners. No business suits for me. Pj’s and bunny slippers all the way. So think big – what idea has been rolling around in your head that you know would make a great business?

Trust – learn to trust yourself. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to not patting ourselves on our back or moving forward with our desires. Our subconscious can be quite neurotic and most certainly not our best friend when it comes to this. I would recommend getting out of your head and start making decisions from your heart. Your heart knows your true direction.
Ask yourself “what are you waiting for?” Life is not a dress rehearsal. Dare to dream. But, more importantly, dare to act on it.
If this article inspires you, please contact me at sandi@holstcontinuum.com. If enough people are inspired and want to move forward with learning about the next steps to business startup and ownership, I will set up and offer a free group session.
Author: Breathe! You Got This – Fortunes Favor the Inspired (Reader’s Haven, Tobermory).
Sandi Holst,