Letter: Object to Bruce Anchor Cruises Operating from Big Tub


The following letter was sent to the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula.

Mayor Milt McIver,

We are writing to express our objection to Bruce Anchor Cruises operating a tour boat business including a shuttle bus service to and from Tobermory, from Big Tub Resort or the former Symes property on Big Tub Rd. In fact, the road easement between Big Tub Resort and the former Symes property appears to be modified and included as part of a future driveway/turning circle by someone.

Our concerns and objections are based on the current zoning bylaw #2002-54, in particular section 18C1- provisions for commercial zone 1, definitions of “marina, transportation depot” and“commercial motor vehicle”.

We are very concerned with any proposed increase in vehicle traffic on Big Tub Rd. as it currently exceeds a safe passage for both cars and pedestrians due to the influx of thousands of tourists who park along the south side of the road. On any given weekend these tourists park from Big Tub Lighthouse well past the Big Tub Resort and the former Symes property, which is approximately half the length of the north side of Big Tub Rd. We have many pictures which show a reduced driving area of the road caused by dozens of parked cars as well as tourists often walking 5 abreast along the road. This is a significant safety risk as two way traffic is reduced or restricted. Emergency vehicles such as Ambulances that may be needed and often run in and out of the Coast Guard station would be restricted as would Fire Trucks.

We are shocked and surprised the MNBP Council would “rubber stamp” and vote in favour of allowing the Bruce Anchor Cruises application to operate out of this location without first consulting or at least meeting to discuss the matter with the dozens of residents and property owners who will be gravely affected if this application proceeds. This is not the Council we expected or want!

We understand at the time Big Tub Resort was purchased by Bruce Anchor Cruises that they were aware that operating their business at that location would not be approved because of the zoning.

We respectfully request that our concerns and those of Big Tub Residents be tabled at the earliest possible time and would appreciate confirmation as to when that would be? Would you also address our concerns and explain how Council is able to blindly proceed with this motion when it appears none of them are aware of the current traffic nightmare on Big Tub Rd. or that most if not all Big Tub Residents and Property Owners object to Bruce Anchor Cruises operating out of Big Tub Resort or the former Symes Property?

Thank you for your consideration

G. Harkness,