Youth Sailors Put Bravely Out to Sea at this Years BOOM Program

Sixteen young sailors ages 8 to 15 enjoyed a week of sun and sailing on Miller Lake at Summer House Park. The certified CAN One sailors braved the challenges of wind and water at this year’s BOOM program. Photo Credit: Bill Caulfeild-Browne
Submitted by Carol Herman, TYC Commodore

“Timid sailors reef and tack and hug the sheltering lee. But those that bring the whole world back, put bravely out to sea.” ~ William Plumer Jacobs….. and this year’s Certified CAN One sailors designated by the BOOM Program certainly did that; they met the challenges of wind and water. Sixteen young sailors from ages 8 to 15 enjoyed a week of sun and sailing on Miller Lake at Summer House Park. The Last Day Race met with “turned turtle”, “knock downs” and finally had to be cancelled for safety.
The sailors were greeted upon coming shore with their awards of Level One Certificates and served a picnic lunch with all the trimmings topped with ice cream from the Café. There were several parents there who wished they were “kids’ again.

BOOM program sailors were presented their Level One Certificates
before a picnic lunch with all the trimmings.

But let’s not by pass the first Adult BOOM Program which, due to Mother Nature’s lack of cooperative wind was a little less exciting, fun and informational, but not high seas sailing.
The Members of the Tobermory Yacht Club would like to thank all the participants and their parents, BOOM instructors, staff of Miller Lake Summer House and Darcy Lombard, the luncheon providers, Jeff Krampien of Tobermory Marine and Rick Peacock of Foodland, and Jane and John Greenhouse for all the time and effort they put into another successful summer sailing camp. And please know that some of this was not possible without the generous support of Tobermory Legion Branch 290 which provided sponsorship for two of our participants.
We hope to see all of you back again next year on the journey to bringing a whole world back.
Wishing all, a fabulous and safe summer.