Thinking Outside the Box to Solve Geese Problem at Lion’s Head Beach

By Marianne Wood

The geese, and the excrement they leave behind, has been a problem at the beach in Lion’s Head for some time. Years ago a group of concerned citizens rallied to plant some vegetation along sections of shoreline on the beach to deter them, but this spring they were back in full force making for a…… mucky situation. Not ideal for sand castle building.
Enter Rupert, a highly trained standard black poodle who has been chasing geese since he was six months old.
As a pilot project, the Municipality has allowed Rupert to run off leash on the beach, several times a day, in an attempt to “think outside the box” and improve the beach quality.
Rupert can be seen “running like the wind” four times daily at irregular times to catch the geese off guard. He is very gentle and wears a special service dog vest. Rupert has been trained to do this, so if you see him in action, let him do his work.
Feedback from the local community is that it is working! The beach in Lion’s Head is an important asset to the area and we send a huge “Thank you” to Rupert for the work he is doing in our community.