Support the Biosphere Association by Purchasing The 2020 Bruce Peninsula Calendar

Cover of the 2020 Bruce Peninsula Calendar featuring beautiful images by local photographer Ethan Meleg.
Submitted by Tim Little, BPBA Board volunteer

The 2020 Bruce Peninsula Calendar with more of local photographer Ethan Meleg’s beautiful images is hot off the press!
This year, Ethan went with The Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association as recipient of proceeds from calendar sales. They are available while supplies last at a dozen supportive businesses from Tobermory to Owen Sound.
Asked about working with the BPBA for 2020, Ethan commented that “the Biosphere Association does hands-on work to protect peninsula ecosystems. They plant trees along streams, replant forests, remove invasive phragmites from wetlands and shorelines, monitor water quality and forest health, and they offer dark sky activities to inspire an appreciation of the star-filled skies we look up at”.
Ethan remarked that he approached BPBA about the calendar fundraiser for all of the above reasons. “They’re a hard-working group and they do important things to protect this amazing area. They’re worth supporting or joining as a volunteer.” A number of photos in the calendar reflect the fragility of the bio diversity that draw people to the Bruce.
The Biosphere Association is deeply appreciative of Ethan’s collaboration and of the Tobermory Press in helping produce the calendar.