Bruce Peninsula District School Grade 8 Graduation Ceremony

The 2019 Elementary Graduating Class from BPDS: Front row (L to R): Kylee Crewe, Emma McMann, Haley Elgie, Michaela Martin, Sydney McArthur (behind), Rachel Rehorek; Next row up: Morgan Daries, Abigayle Franklin, Lauren Mansfield, Chloe Cameron; Third row up: Tamieka Eby, Grace Wheeler, Lauren Cullen, Evelyn Cormier-Firth, Mackenzie Zevenbergen; Top row: Andrew Schuiling, Braydon Malone, Cole Hamill, Ryan Baker, Pearson Arps, Cameron Cummins, Fisher Oke, Logan Robins, Blake Hellyer, Alexander Rankin, Charles Edgar, Jonah McNair, Grady Mirrlees, Jordon Hurst. Photo Credit: Bonita Myles
By John Francis

Bruce Peninsula District School’s Elementary Graduation Ceremony was held at the school on Wednesday, June 26.
After dinner and group photos, awards were presented for excellence in each subject area and for other aspects of citizenship.
Tamieka Eby won the Art award; Excellence in Drama went to Lauren Cullen. Mackenzie Zevenbergen was recognized for Excellence in English. Lauren Mansfield was presented with the French award, Emma McMann with the Geography award, Rachel Rehorek with the History award and Logan Robins with the Math award. Excellence in Music went to Charlie Edgar, Excellence in Dance to Chloe Cameron and Excellence in Science to Cole Hamill. The Phys Ed awards went to Blake Hellyer and Grace Wheeler.
The CUPE Award was presented to Haley Elgie. Chloe Cameron received the Ontario Principal’s Council Award; Pearson Arps received the Ottawa Award. The Sense of Humour Award went to Abby Franklin, the UNESCO Global Citizenship Award to Alex Rankin. The Greatest Improvement Award was presented to Kylee Crewe; Sydney McArthur received the Citizenship Award. The Scholastic Award went to Logan Robins and the General Proficiency Award to Cole Hamill. Ryan Baker received the Growth Mindset and Perseverance Award. The Bruce Power Award was presented to Fisher Oke and the Virginia Wiley Memorial to Mackenzie Zevenbergen.
Chloe Cameron, Blake Hellyer, Pearson Arps, Lauren Cullen, Morgan Daries, Cole Hamill, Sydney McArthur, Fisher Oke, Grace Wheeler and Mackenzie Zevenbergen received school letters.
The Awards of Merit will be presented in the fall.

L-R: School Letters were presented to Fisher Oke, Cole Hamill, Mackenzie Zevenbergen, Grace Wheeler, Sydney McArthur, Morgan Daries, Blake Hellyer, Lauren Cullen, Chloe Cameron, Pearson Arps. Photo Credit: Bonita Myles