Local MRI Challenge Receives Another Generous Donation

Submitted by Kevin Walsh

The Walsh Family Challenge has once again been beat with a very generous donation of $5,070.00 made by Barry and Norma Eveleigh. Barry thinks the challenge is a great idea to get people motivated to donate to this much needed piece of equipment.
In checking with April Patry of the Bruce Peninsula Health Service Foundation, I found out that the Bruce Peninsula’s share of the 4.7 Million to purchase and install the MRI is $450,000 and to date, the amount raised is sitting at $290,000. That money has been raised right here on the Bruce Peninsula through the generosity of those that live and work here but we STILL HAVE A WAYS TO GO!
I think it is safe to say that Barry and Norma have been considering donating to the MRI for a while. If YOU are thinking the same, there are a few options. You can make a one time donation, or if it makes it more doable you can make a pledge of a certain amount each year for 3 years. The Peninsula is a wonderful place to live and we have an amazing group of residents.
Thanks to all who have donated we are getting there. Go peninsula go!