In the Garden: Hints from a Mrs. Gardener – The Beginning Of A Garden

Submitted by Joan Regan

It was 1983 and we had a trailer at Lands End Park for a few years. Occasionally we would ride our bikes into town. One day I was alone, and after touring the usual spots decided to ride up the hill past the liquor store, going by the Orange Hall and the Old United Church. I turned around at the bend and spotted a little log cabin almost completely hidden in the trees. Being a nosy Nellie, I had to check that out. It was obvious that no one had lived there for some time. There were two steps at the side of the house and I sat there forever it seemed. It was a warm June day and I remember the light breeze through the huge cedar trees.
Fast Forward to June 1984; it was OURS. One year to the day exactly. Fast Forward again to 1989; home in Hamilton SOLD and up we came. Pete took an early retirement that was being offered to those who had thirty years in from Stelco. He retired at age 48 and I being a stay at home Mom had nothing to wait for. It was North to Tobermory.
The little cabin had a new room built where the small one had been upstairs and Pete finished the rest of the inside by covering the old logs in Board and Batten.
The little house was completely surrounded by trees. We had several huge trees removed from the front to let the sun in and we put in a patio and small garden at the front. No soil added. Just dug some holes through the blank, blank, roots and there it sat till 1995 when we moved my Dad up to the Seniors home around the corner from us.
Being a gardener, Dad of course suggested it would look nice if we cut back some of the trees out back and dug out those awful Junipers. He had three sets of clippers and two or three shovels handed to him almost immediately. So “The Bury Road Garden” came to be.
John Zimmer had given us a book called “The Bruce Beckons “and it was there we found that the old Bury Rd went right past our little home. Several other town folks also confirming this.
Out back the trees were cut up to let some more light in and make walking easier. The dead ones removed and all those prickly ugly Junipers that went on forever were gone as well.
A huge difference! But it wasn’t pretty. And those rocks! Oh my, those rocks. We had that poor garden out in the front and one just as sad around our huge rock formation in the driveway, thinking that was enough gardens. NOT……
(to be continued)
Happy Spring, Happy Gardening,
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