Sink or Swim? Looking to Gauge Support for Indoor Pool in Tobermory

Submitted by Tobermory Health 
Services Auxiliary

Do you realize that you can lose 50% of your weight just by entering a pool? In fact, some people even float! If you missed our earlier article in the January edition of the Press, Tobermory Health Services Auxiliary is conducting a survey to determine whether there is sufficient support for an indoor pool in Tobermory.
Numerous studies have illustrated that the benefits of increased exercise outweigh a lot of other interventions, helping to prevent a multitude of afflictions, while prolonging a healthy, active life style. Health experts often remark that if exercise came in pill form, it would be the most sought after drug on the market.
Well, here it is, the survey you’ve been waiting for: pool or no pool, recreational swimming, lessons, aquarobics, therapy, exercise facility. Want your choice to matter? Go to:

www.surveymonkey. com/r/QTHPSX6, no later than May 31st, complete the survey then hit DONE. That’s it! Survey Monkey will do the rest. Watch future additions of the Tobermory Press for the results.
We are sending this survey out to as many people in our community as possible through email and Facebook. If you have a family member, friend or neighbour that you think would like to complete this survey, but they don’t have a computer, please help them out. ‘Don’t have a computer? The library provides free access and assistance. The more information we have, the better our results.
Thank you for your time and interest as we try to find the best way to serve our community.