Community Easter Cantata Choir Presents “Come To The Cross And Remember” April 14 & 19

Submitted by David Warder

I’m excited to be announcing this year’s Easter Cantata for a few reasons. One of those reasons is a kind-of nervous excitement. You see, the choir rehearses on Sunday afternoons and we’ve had to cancel a few rehearsals due to threatening weather on Sunday afternoons. (Remember the blizzard?! that started on a Sunday afternoon.)
I’m also excited because Easter means that it’s Spring! I hope Spring’s arrival means all that bad weather is behind us. I’m grateful that the choir has been good-natured about having extended rehearsals on Sunday afternoons when the weather is good.
Mostly, I’m excited by the Cantata we’ll be performing this year. It presents in quite a different way from the ones we’ve done for the past 4 years. Cantatas involve the telling of a story through music, usually performed by a choir with instrumental accompaniment. This Cantata has an extra element, though. As the choir re-tells The Story of Holy Week, a variety of symbols of the story will be assembled at the front of the church, near and upon The Cross.
This year’s Cantata is appropriately named, “Come to the Cross and Remember.” At the end of the Cantata performance, people will be invited to come closer to look at the scene that has been built from the various symbols as the story was being told. It’s an opportunity to continue to reflect upon the story while quietly contemplating this visual display.
I think this added visual aspect of the Cantata will be effective in allowing people to hear The Story in a new way. I’m always looking for Cantatas that tell the story from a unique perspective. I like to encourage people to hear what may be a familiar story but to get something fresh from it. The story is nearly 2,000 years old. It’s humbling to realize we maybe don’t know it all or understand it all. There are lots of people who have never even heard this ancient story, so I like that this presentation will also help those people who are experiencing it for the very first time.
You might be getting tired of me always saying, “This might be the best ‘one’ yet!” I get so excited! It’s probably not so much that one Cantata is better than another; it’s just being able to hear the same old story in a brand new way, I think.
So, I hope you can find an opportunity to come out for this presentation. It will be happening three times during Holy Week, starting at the tip of the peninsula and moving south.
We’ll start on Palm Sunday (April 14) at 7:30 pm at the Tobermory United Church (5 Brock Street). Then on Good Friday (April 19), there will be 2 presentations of the Cantata – 10:30 am at Bethel Evangelical Missionary Church (18 Ferndale Road) in Lion’s Head, and again at 7:30 pm at St. Mary’s Church (20 Lighthouse Road), Cape Croker.
Besides being excited, I’m grateful to all the people who work so hard all winter to make this opportunity available to the people in our communities here on the peninsula. That’s pretty special!
A free-will offering at each location will be used to cover choir expenses, with the excess being shared by the Bruce Peninsula District School Music Department and the Bruce Peninsula Hospice Inc.
If you have any questions, give me a call. David Warder 519-793-4015.