Easter Cantata Rehearsals Begin February 10: New Singers Welcome

2018 Christmas Cantata Choir.
Submitted by David Warder 

After all that stormy weather, it is time to start doing something that gets our minds off of winter and onto spring!
The Community Easter Cantata Choir will start rehearsing next Sunday, February 10 at 3 pm. After that rehearsals will be Sunday afternoons at 2 pm. All rehearsals are at the Bethel Evangelical Missionary Church, 18 Ferndale Road in Lion’s Head.
I’m always looking for new singers to join the choir. If you can read music that’s definitely a huge advantage but the main thing is that you can carry a tune. We have CDs available to help you to rehearse at home during the week. I really like the music we’ll be learning this year! It is well written, by one of my favourite composers, and tells the story of the events leading up to Good Friday and Easter in a dramatic way.
This year’s Easter Cantata is a wee bit different from the ones we’ve been doing. There are opportunities for people who don’t want to sing, or who can’t commit to a regular weekly rehearsal schedule. I’m going to need people who can do some reading, people to find or create an assortment of props, and people who will use these props during the performances. If any of that sounds interesting to you, please let me know.
If you have plans to go away for Easter, don’t worry! This Cantata will be performed during Holy Week (April 14 to 19) and we’ll be all done by Easter (April 21).
Questions? Come out to the first rehearsal, or give me a call. David Warder 519-793-4015.