Community Christmas Cantata Choir presents “Behold, A Savior!” December 18 & 19


Submitted by David Warder

The Community Christmas Cantata Choir is presenting “Behold, A Savior!” next Tuesday and Wednesday, December 18 and 19, 7:30 pm at the Bethel Evangelical Missionary Church in Lion’s Head.

This Cantata is composed and arranged by Jay Rouse and Rose Aspinall, whose work I came across a little over a year ago. These talented, contemporary composers and arrangers are becoming favourites of mine. They have a special gift for using a unique blend of harmonies and rhythms to create glorious and joyful music.

The sub-title of the Cantata is “Songs & Stories of His Birth.” Besides a combination of brand new Christmas music and fresh arrangements of traditional Christmas carols, this Cantata includes an opportunity for some of the familiar characters in The Christmas Story to come and give us some insight into what it might have been like to have actually been there 2,000 years ago. To make this new twist on our Cantata performance even more exciting, we are fortunate to have costumes for these characters to wear when they come to tell us their stories, first-hand.

To fill out the program, some of the choir members will perform vocal or instrumental solos. The Ladies of Note will also be there and we’ll have some carol singing for everyone.

Admission is $10 plus a food donation for the food bank. After paying our choir expenses, the surplus cash will be divided between the Music Program at Bruce Peninsula District School and Badge of Life Canada, a charitable organization based in Lion’s Head that supports first responders and corrections personnel dealing with psychological injuries.