Climate Comment For November 2018: December Came A Month Early


Submitted by Bill Caulfeild-Browne

November followed October’s very poor example by being even colder and drearier. The mean temperature was only just above freezing at 0.6C, which is 2.2C below normal. This makes it the coldest November I have recorded in the 24 years my station has been running. You have to go back to 1951 (mean 0.0C) or 1933 (mean -1.8C) to get an appreciably colder November.

We had one warm day, the 5th, at 10.6C; no other day reached double-digits. The coolest night occurred on the 22nd at -9.9C.

Sunshine was conspicuously absent. We had only two truly sunny days. But if you feel picked upon by Mother Nature, you are not alone – Toronto had one of its least sunny months in years, with 88% cloud cover at Pearson Airport.

Precipitation was a bit above the normal of 70 mm. at 84 mm. Unfortunately a good piece of that was snow – the first of which fell overnight on the 9th. We often get snow in November but it rarely stays for more than a few hours. This time the ground was white for most of the month with only a couple of thaws, on the 16th and the 23rd. It looked and felt far more like December.

There were quite a few gales, too. The 10th saw wind speeds gusting to 73 km/hr and on the 21st they reached 70 km/hr. Overall the average speed for the month was 14 km/hr which is about normal.

A number of you who refer to my weather station from to time have commented that it seemed to go off the air at the end of October. It didn’t, but the web address has changed along with the statistics, which are now much more encompassing – you can pull up various graphs along with the present weather.

It’s easiest to go to There you can click on the station in Tobermory (mine is the only one) and look at all kinds of data.

Or you can access the site directly by going to:

Stay warm!