Volunteering Weaves Us Together

Photo: PBTC volunteer on the job.

Peninsula Bruce Trail Club Celebrates National Volunteer Week

Submitted by Marg Glendon, PBTC Outreach and Membership Director

The National Volunteer Week for 2023 is April 16- 22 and the theme is Volunteering Weaves Us Together! 

As Peninsula Bruce Trail Club (PBTC) Membership and Outreach Director, I have the privilege of talking with members and volunteers when they first join PBTC or side by side as we work together on Bruce Trail and community activities. I am amazed at the dedication and long-term commitment of PBTC volunteers.

Research indicates that volunteering provides inspiration, social connections, sources for purpose and meaning. I thought I would ask PBTC volunteers – Why do you work so hard as a PBTC volunteer? Here are some of their answers.

Giving back – “It’s time to give back to my community, more than anything. I like meeting new people and working with people who just do things because it’s just the right thing to do – no ulterior motive. The dedication I observe from other PBTC volunteers inspires me.” Anonymous

Connection to the land and community – “The reason I started volunteering and the reason I continue are different: I started volunteering because I love the trail and I wanted to contribute. To have access to this incredibly diverse, beautiful and rugged place, preserved and protected forever, is such a gift. But, the reason I keep volunteering is because of the wonderful and generous people that I’ve met through the PBTC. It’s given me a new connection to a local community of like minded folks who each bring unique talents and incredible dedication.” Les

Building skills and knowledge – “I like to understand how things work. Being a volunteer, in a variety of roles, helps me to understand how an organization functions. One gets a behind-the-scenes view. Often, experience gained by volunteering in one organization allows you to both learn, and then transfer, new skills when donating time to another organization, perhaps in the same, but possibly a different, capacity. Volunteering aids in personal growth.” Laura

Do what you love! – “I want to meet like-minded people – I love the outdoors and I want to help maintain this beautiful place whilst learning about it!” – Sara

Sense of purpose – “Volunteering has helped me to cultivate those important new connections, to meet new people who have such different backgrounds and abilities, and who also want to conserve the beauty and natural diversity of the Bruce Peninsula. It has given me a “purpose”, something of value and importance to others.” – Brenda 

Some people like to volunteer as they have time, others commit to regular trail work or land stewardship. Each volunteer brings their own set of experiences, skills and interests. While our common goal ties us together, it’s the individual “volunteer threads” which create a strong and vibrant mosaic – it’s about our connection to nature, community and the people who want to help protect it. 

Thinking about volunteering? There is a place for you with PBTC! Our existing volunteer roles includes: Board of Directors, Trail Captains, Hike Leaders, Sweeps and Spirit Squad, Land Stewards, Communications, Nature Guides, Community Outreach, Social Events.

Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers – your contributions help to make our club, community and relationships stronger! 

If you would like to learn more about volunteering with PBTC, contact: pbtcoutreach@gmail.com