Letter: NBP Senior Centre Without Walls
Continues Monthly Programs For Residents


Dear Editor,

As the Northern Bruce Peninsula Senior Centre Without Walls’ (NBP SCWW) program continues into its third year on the Bruce Peninsula, there are many worthwhile programs being offered each month as listed in the special events section of your newspaper. The NBP SCWWs’ team appreciates the opportunity that is available through the Bruce Peninsula Press for groups on the Northern Bruce Peninsula to highlight the activities available to residents on the peninsula to remain connected, active and safe by participating from the comforts of their home. 

Recent research from McMaster University supports the following activities, including physical exercise, mindfulness, music/singing, artistic interests, social connectedness through technology and volunteerism for self-care and wellness mentally and physically. The monthly NBP SCWWs’ programs have included the six areas in the program. 

The NBP SCWWs’ team thanks the staff at the Bruce Peninsula Press for their due diligence and hard work to bring information to the readers to inform and educate the public about events, activities, organizations, groups and the MNBP council meetings on the Northern Bruce Peninsula.

As more residents and cottagers retire fulltime on the peninsula it would be wonderful to connect through programs on the NBP SCWW. Contact Sharron Colter at nbpcssa@eastlink.ca or by phone 519-793-3473 with suggestions, to volunteer, or to join the NBP SCWWs’ team. 

Check the website of the Northern Bruce Peninsula Community Support Advisory Action Committee at www.nbpcsaac.ca for more information. 

Sharron Colter,

Lion’s Head