Wasn’t That a Party – A Huge Thank You To The Peacock Family Wasn’t That a Party


Tobermory changed forever on Thursday, January 19th when the new Peacock’s Foodland opened their doors. It felt like the biggest party ever being excitedly celebrated by locals far and wide. 

I gathered with several other hundred folks to hear a few speeches, watch a moving video, see a giant ribbon being cut and listen to the cheers and tears from staff and customers. And most of all? To take in the expanse of the fabulous new produce department leading into the kitchen, bakery, meat, frozen foods and many other areas of the store that far exceeded anyone’s expectations. Honestly I just wish I could eat more so I could take advantage of some of the unique items now visible in the wide open space. 

I know they still have some tweaking to do to make sure it meets our needs and we’ll keep giving them feedback on this new shopping experience. I’m still getting over the fantastic layout where I have so far ‘lost’ my husband twice. 

A huge thank you to the Peacock family for bringing this opportunity to our community. Yes, it will serve the tourists who visit, but most of all, we residents will now have year round access to so much more within our own community. My sincerest wish is that we support this new store in the same way that Peacocks has supported our community for generations. 

Ms. Daryl Wood