Letter: Thank You To The National Park For Being Open This Winter


It’s been such a pleasure this last month to walk and snowshoe on the trails at the Bruce Peninsula National Park, both at the Winter Camping area and those radiating from Head of Trails. 

The roads and parking lots are plowed, the pathways have been groomed for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. It’s so quiet and beautiful with lots of little nature vignettes to observe, like owl feather markings on snow and the getaway tracks of a squirrel or rabbit. 

We have an annual pass (you can purchase a day pass or some of you may be grandfathered in). I encourage residents to purchase an annual pass, which makes it easy to access the many special places throughout the year. 

Perhaps some time in the near future we can advocate for a ‘resident’ pass; a nod to those of us who live, work and contribute to our community and hope to enjoy the benefits.

Noreen Steinacher