Letter: Investment Payback on Tobermory Community Centre Heat Pump


I’m getting older and wearing out, much like my home and many community facilities where the life cycle is needing repairing or renewing. So trying to do my bit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from my propane furnace I installed an electric heat pump.

A heat pump both heats and cools as needed. I set my home’s temperature at what I’m most comfortable with in my old age and just let it go – warming the house when seasons cool off, or becoming a cooling air conditioning unit when the summer heat climbs in these changing times.

Our early morning winter Tobermory Coffee Club and the weekly Wood Carvers’ group that happen at our Tobermory Community Centre help me to keep my sanity and a sense of belonging while learning something new in our welcoming community. A heat pump for the Tobermory Community Centre is one of many practical proposals for reducing GHG emissions in our new Climate Action Plan – with a projected 2.8 year payback for the initial cost.

Let’s encourage our soon to be elected new Council to make that investment and realize the other clear steps in the Climate Action Plan to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to help cope with climate change.

Arlene Kennedy,