Letter: Appreciation of Local Hospital


On the morning of Friday, July 14th I was brought by ambulance to the Lion’s Head Hospital with a spinal injury. I was allowed to return home the following afternoon. 

One comes across so many reports about inadequate or absent health care, especially in rural areas of Ontario. For this reason, I am anxious to offer my appreciation to everyone who looked after me during this incident: the ambulance paramedics, the doctors, the nurses, hospital admitting, the X-ray technician. The technician came in early on Saturday morning, presumably on her day off, to do more X-rays. My thanks also to the patient transport crew who took me to Owen Sound Hospital and back for a CAT Scan. 

Everyone treated me with professionalism and compassion. I did not have a cell phone and the hospital’s staff lent me one. 

Finally, my thanks to Mom’s Pizza in Ferndale, who do not normally deliver, but who were persuaded to bring me a pizza. 

Leon Baltas,

Tobermory and London