Letter: Rural Mail Security


Unauthorized Accessing Of Rural Mail Boxes

Over the past several years there has been increased incidents of unauthorized accessing of rural mail boxes. In the past couple of years this has dramatically increased and become more worrisome as to the security of our delivered mail here on the Peninsula. 

The most recent is a flier advertising an upcoming clothing sale, an Ad for the Populist Party of Ontario, private citizen (maybe business company) trying to buy properties, unsolicited newspaper out of Owen Sound, Gym start-up and the list goes on. 

I’m sure that others in our local communities are also concerned about this security breach.

These people going into our Federally controlled and protected mail boxes may not be aware that they are committing a Federal Offence. Our rural mail boxes are for Canada Postal Service access only, not for the convenience of others not willing to go through the postal service and have proper delivery.

Our local Canada Post outlet is also frustrated and receives complaints about this unauthorized access.

Ignorance of the law is possibly the problem, people need to be educated. That’s why I decided to submit this letter.

No one is permitted to tamper with Federal (Canada Post) rural mail boxes. Please take note and adhere to the law. I’m sure nobody wants to be charged for this offence.

Consider yourselves duly informed. You can confirm this information at your local Post Office.

Kathy Burns