Letter: Small Efforts Add Up to Combat Climate Change


Dear Editor,

I happened to attend the video of the Ted Talk by Katherine Hayhoe shared at the Tobermory United Church Tuesday, February 4th, about discussing Climate Change. She’s a climate scientist and an evangelist so hearing her was both interesting and important.

My experience of God has always been directly through my interwoven connections as part of Creation. Harming Creation harms us. There came a time when I realized not everyone knew that. But many of us who joined in the discussion that Tuesday, did.

We asked continually, ”What can we do?” Because there is a sense of helplessness, that government, something more powerful than we are, must take the lead on this. One hundred corporations stand in the way of putting the environment first, because, according to law, they must put their shareholders first.

Yet good news emerged:

• Our love of this sacred peninsula, which was at the root.

• BPEG’s recent decision to focus on Climate Change for the year.

• Our schools bringing the issue to our municipal council.

• The local environmental experience of our young people, nurtured by our schools.

• SOK adopting Climate Change as this year’s theme.

• Our markets. The awareness our parks engender.

• And we know we can tuck in our own footprints – walk, bike, carpool (and agitate for public transit), shop at the Thrift Store, leave packaging at checkouts, cut down on waste (particularly food), live more simply and enjoy more detail, shop consciously and know where our money is invested so we can keep our investments ‘clean’. 

• Respond politically. This is already a good beginning. Of course there’s more.

Small efforts add up. May they be blessed.

Bev Sawyer