Letter: Response to the Letter “Please Stop John”


I would like to thank all those people who send their concerns and observations through writing letters to the Managing Editor, Marianne Wood, and Publisher, John Francis, at The Bruce Peninsula Press.

I sincerely hope these and other letter writers will continue to write to air questions, and sometimes complaints about local community matters. This is what a free press does… it allows and encourages people to give voice to their observations. However, I believe they should not be cursorily dismissed as whiners and nor should people in our community be slotted in Down There and Up Here as I perceive these comments to be reductive and pejorative generalizations. 

In such a small community there are many people with differing opinions and I believe that’s a positive thing. There are many challenges in our small community which is experiencing such rapid growth and changes. 

Let’s hope we remain calm and considerate.

Glenda Burrell