Letter: Area Closed at 9:00pm Burma Rd Dock Response


I read the letter from Peter ten Cate in Issue #13 regarding the new Area Closed at 9:00pm sign at the dock at the end of Burma Rd with great dismay. I totally agree with Peter, closing the dock is overkill. 

In this time of COVID anxiety, there is no greater tonic than gazing up into our beautiful dark skies and contemplating the wonders of the universe. What’s wrong with sitting on a lawn chair on the dock and watching the Perseids? I have even sent amateur astronomers to the dock to do some astrophotography, and have been told how beautiful the skies are and that they would love to bring their families and friends to the area. That means more money coming in to support local businesses. 

Please consider removing this sign immediately and allow us to continue to enjoy the night sky!

Carpe Noctem!

Mike Warkentin

Biosphere Assoc. Volunteer

aka “The Dark Sky Guy”