Letter: Response to the Publisher’s Rant in Issue #3, 2019


I guess we could call this a Dear John letter. As a note, I have been a ‘land owner’/taxpayer since May 1979 starting in Eastnor and now in Lindsay.
I have been responsible 100% for my water and sewage systems, no sidewalks, no street lights; just garbage pickup and road maintenance.
For 40 yrs I have watched the tourist industry push for more tourist dollars to expand the economy – whose? “Build it and they will come” comes to mind. Cash in on the Chi-Cheemaun traffic. Advertising seems to be doing well and imported seasonal labour.
Public washrooms are available during the May to October tourist season. Don’t people have to use washrooms from November through April? So yes, John, I agree washrooms are an issue. Owen Sound to Tobermory 106km and one picnic/rest porta-potty site near Mar on Hwy 6. Even Wiarton doesn’t have public washrooms open in winter.
Parking pass for locals? Yes, we need groceries too. Most locals avoid tourist traffic.
Parking downtown? Take out some businesses, less tourists, more parking.
The tourist industry overwhelmingly pushed paid parking to help pay for all these amenities did they not? Who is watching that budget? Two seasons have gone by, where are the washrooms? The parking draw has to be close to a half million by now. How much of that has been siphoned off for studies on this, that and the other thing?? Municipal staff keeps increasing, why? The residents didn’t ask for that.
Tobermory has a water issue? East, West and North – you are surrounded by Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. I posit 80% of the world are in envy.
If the National Park has a water issue and have squeezed up all the land they can get their hands on then complain to them or the Trudeau government. How much tax do they pay? What is their advertising budget vs. accommodation?
Ferndale to Stokes Bay as well as Ferndale to Lion’s Head are predominantly Bruce Road 9 which is Bruce County, not Northern Bruce Peninsula jurisdiction.
The Rotary Hall in Lion’s Head, was built in 1897. What do you expect? All public facilities have prescribed safety limits.
Boat launch on the Great Lakes? Federal Territory.
Blind Hills? They have been there for millennia. Talk to God. Narrow Hwy 6 downtown? Talk to Ford or Trudeau.
Let me ask you this. Do you believe it is morally right to steal from your neighbour at gunpoint?
Do you believe it is morally right for your neighbour to steal from you at gunpoint?
Do you believe it is right to ask someone else to do something that you are not morally or legally able to do?
I suspect “no” on all three questions, yet you give that right to the municipal, provincial and federal governments and you are asking them to steal more from everyone in our community. If you think the gunpoint issue is not real, try NOT paying your taxes.
Let’s agree on two things. Washrooms are an issue and you and I should not meet in the grocery store.
Thank you in advance for the opportunity to respond.
Dan Carpenter,
Miller Lake