Letter: Affordable Housing in Tobermory – Like Minded Seniors Could Self Fund Multiple Occupancy Development


There has been a lot of discussion in the recent Peninsula Press, about the current and future lack of affordable housing in Tobermory. 

There are several distinct groups who are suffering from inadequate supply:

There are the seasonal and year round workers who we all depend on. We cannot just leave it to market forces, because that just hasn’t worked! The life of our community is being squeezed out by lack of housing for our young people and workers. 

The group I have most interest in, in this housing crisis, are those like me who have come to the conclusion that as much as they love their home, they know that they are surrounded by much more house than they need or want to maintain in our next stage of life. In general these active seniors want to down size into a more manageable accommodation, nearer to town and its facilities (health care, library, shopping and social gathering places like church and community centers.)

It not only takes a village to raise a child, it’s not a bad place to be as you age in place. At the moment there is only one seniors building in Tobermory for seniors and that has a long waiting list.

I’m not a person who expects to be provided with suitable accommodation by my fellow citizens. I would do it for myself if this community had a stock of modest homes into which I could downsize into. 

Unfortunately, up until now our leaders have believed that bigger is better. This unimaginative thinking has led to many having to leave this place they love and the people they care about in search of accommodation that fits. 

I am interested in getting together with an active interested group of like minded seniors, with a view to self fund a small multiple occupancy development that meets our future needs. Those who already own a suitable site for development, are especially welcome! 

We have to speak up! 

We have to inform the municipality of our changing needs, for the acceptance of different housing types and styles than they are used to. 

If multiple occupancy units can be approved for Short Term Rentals then we should have no problem building needed higher density homes for people who actually live here, right? 

So if you want to be “in on the ground floor”, pun intended, call me. 

Bunkey Cunliffe 

519 596 2649