Tobermory Legion Branch 290 News: Ukrainian Take Out Dinner SOLD OUT!

Submitted by Elaine Sinha

As this is being written we are still in lockdown in the province with the very real possibility that it could be extended again. Everyone certainly hopes not but that is for others to decide. 

What is known though is the Ukrainian Dinner is ready for pick up February 10. When the Executive was talking about undertaking this take out dinner, we had to decide on the number of tickets to be printed and that the cooks could prepare a meal for. The number decided on was 150, which is a lot for Oksana Zhuravel and her mom (Momma), along with help, to cook for but the number had to be set and 150 seemed reasonable. Well, thanks to the great support of this community we sold out and unfortunately have had to turn many people away who were hoping to get tickets. For that we apologize, but at 150 tickets we are making 300 cabbage rolls and for perogies 8x… whoa that’s a lot of perogies!

Happily all of the food is being prepared in a commercial kitchen, there will be a list of all ingredients posted on our website under Special Events and the borscht, which can be eaten hot or cold, will be fully cooked but served cold. It is delicious like this, but equally delicious when heated at home. 

Pick up for the dinner is at the branch from 4:00 – 5:30 pm in the back parking lot (37 Legion Street) and the details have been worked out to keep traffic flowing and distance requirements in place.

Once again, sorry to those who were left out, thank you to those who supported this event and bon appetit.

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