Community Kitchens to Celebrate Delicious Dishes From Around the World

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Submitted by Sharon McComb

Why is FOOD such a powerful tool in gathering people together? Part of our collective DNA seems to be the desire to come together communally to share food. Every culture around the world has gathered to eat together… from the tribal fire to the ceremonial feast, from the medieval banquet to modern day dinner parties. Food is a common denominator among all the different kinds of people in any given community.

Food and community are so entwined that throughout the world certain food has become associated with specific cultural and religious traditions. Communities on a national scale come together and eat the same foods at the same time; for example, here in our part of the world, we eat roast turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas, cake on birthdays and little cut-up sandwiches at funerals. These foods are all shared in community, whether that community is your country, your town, or your family and friends. Food is a social thing.

At The Meeting Place our mission is “to be a place to gather, learn, share and connect to create relationships which build our community”. Over the years we’ve used food as a catalyst for doing just that. And we’ve done it through a variety of food programs, the most popular one of which is our Community Kitchens Program. This year, the program will explore this collective need to connect food and culture by sharing delicious dishes associated with holidays around the world. 

• December 19 – Christmas Around the World

•January 23 – Welcoming the Chinese New Year

• February 27 – Mardi Gras: Laissez les Bons Temps Roulez! 

• March 26 – Nowruz: Welcome Spring… & the Persian New Year

People celebrate…together…with food! Let’s gather together and celebrate with them. You can register for any (try them all) of these Community Kitchens events and join us in gathering in community, learning something interesting, sharing some new tastes and connecting with others. It’s also a lot of fun!

Contact The Meeting Place at 519-596-2313 or [email protected] to register for these Free events.