New Staff & New Activities Starting Up at The Meeting Place Tobermory

Submitted by Noreen Steinacher

The Meeting Place Tobermory (TMP) is gradually opening up this fall; carefully and intentionally. We’ll post our regular hours starting Monday, November 9th. TMP has been here in the North Bruce Peninsula community for the past 10 years, as a physical space, and this year, growing a virtual space to gather, learn, share and connect. 

Our Community Information and Resource Coordination (CIRC) staff Jennifer and Karla are here to help with system navigation, technology, or special connections, and for general help making sense of our new reality. Whether you are First Nations, a lifelong local, stranded snow bird, seasonal worker, cottager, or a brand new resident, we’re here to connect you with information and resources to meet the unique needs of the North Bruce Peninsula community. 

Need a place for socially distanced meetings? Have an idea for a new or innovative community activity? Let us know and we can work together to make things happen! Call Jennifer or Karla at The Meeting Place at 519-596-2313, e-mail [email protected]

Welcome Community Coordinator Karla Trudgen 

The Meeting Place is pleased to introduce Karla Trudgen, who will be working as a Community Coordinator along with Jennifer Cuffe. This team will mean the community ‘hub’ will be open more days and outreaching in different ways.

Welcome Food Programs Facilitator Michelle Watson

There’s been a lot of talk of food insecurity throughout the pandemic. The Tobermory Food Bank has been open and active through these past months and continues to be there for emergency food access, Tuesdays 1-3 pm. Many of you have participated in TMP Community Kitchens and more recently the Dollars and Sense Club where cooking together and all things food have been celebrated. How is this going to work this year? Big question. We’d like to introduce Michelle Watson who will be working with The Meeting Place as Food Programs facilitator. Who knows what creative food programs might happen over the winter but stay tuned. Send an e-mail note to Michelle at [email protected] with any ideas you’d like to try.

Mini Gym Now Open for Advance Bookings

The themes of social well-being and activation will be front of mind at TMP this year. The mini gym at TMP has opened for individual or family household workout times. Must book in advance and volunteers will be on site for safety and support. Thanks to volunteer Chantal Lefebvre for taking the lead on this. Check our facebook page or call to find out how to join the gym.

Sharing Dance Seniors ‘At Home’ Pilot Program

TMP is also pleased to be promoting Canada’s National Ballet School and Baycrest with their Sharing Dance Seniors ‘At Home’ dance pilot. We’ve moved from on site dance at TMP to ‘at home’ dance but hope to keep the group connected. You can self-register for free by going to If you do, please let TMP know so we know how many ‘at home’ dancers are active in the community. If you need help to register, give us a call. Thanks to volunteer Chantal Dufour for keeping everyone dancing.