Life Around Tobermory United…From The Desk Of The Lazy Theologian Connect in Your Community to Fight the Winter Blues

Submitted by Brad Inglis

Well, by the time you read this the Christmas tree will have been packed away, the Community Dinner will be over and we will be hungry for brighter days. Many thanks to those who attended the Community Dinner and volunteered at it. It’s always uncertain as to how many folks will show up, what the weather will look like and how many turkeys to cook. Thankfully, once again, the dinner provided a great opportunity for friends and neighbours to gather, share a meal and catch up after the holidays. We (the four local churches) couldn’t have hosted this event without the support of the Municipality of North Bruce providing the space, Peacocks Foodland, The Tobermory Brewing Company and Grill and the dedicated volunteers who set up, cooked, washed up, cleaned up and provided lovely salads. Hearing the enthusiastic chatter and smiling faces always makes it worthwhile.

Tedtalk discussions have resumed every Tuesday at the church starting at 3pm. Each week we listen to a different speaker and discuss their view of the world. The discussions take us all over the place and topics are wide and varied. Sessions are usually posted on our web page or emailed out if you want to be on our email list. This way, if you can’t make it to the group, you can always watch it at home. Feel free to drop in for any session that might interest you.

There are always certain things that you can count on here in the village, even when it feels like the sidewalks have been rolled up and put away for the winter. The Meat Draw at the Legion always happens Saturdays at 4pm (except January 25 when it will be at 3pm), Bingo is always Mondays at 1pm at the Tobermory Community Centre, the Food Bank is always open on Tuesdays at 1pm and Peacocks is always open Monday to Saturday. Oh ya, and the Bruce Peninsula Press always shows up at least once a month in your mail box and the Library always has regular hours and the liquor store is open. 

The other consistencies we find most months are Open Mic at The Meeting Place, Trivia at the Legion and various other initiatives offered through The Meeting Place. 

I also understand there is a floating weekly euchre game but the stakes might be high and you need a password to get in, you might find a weekly dominos game but again, it is highly suspicious and the ladies have been known to be ruthless. 

The coffee group also meets at the Tobermory Community Centre, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8am to 10am I believe – and you are sure to get caught up on town news there. 

Most Friday mornings from 10am to 12pm I have coffee on for Coffee With Brad. This tends to be a ruckus group of folks who gather for a visit. There is never a topic of discussion but the volume is always high and opinions not restrained. You don’t have to be a church member to join this group – all are welcome!

Speaking of coffee, you would think that is all my life revolves around? On Sunday mornings the coffee (and tea) is always on before church by 10am. Folks like to come early and catch up on the week’s events. For many, church is lived in their hearts and carried with them all week long and can be found in many places, but there is still something beautiful about Sunday morning worship – it can fill your soul, inspire you, make you ask the hard questions and look at the world in new and wonderful ways. And where else do you find the opportunity to sing out loud with a group of other folks who may or may not know how to sing either? You will find the listings for each of the local churches here in the paper. 

Don’t let the “winter blues” get you down, there are some great ways to be engaged in the community and always willing people to connect with. 

Brad Inglis is the minister at Tobermory United Church. He can be reached at