Letter: Tourism Continues During Lockdown


Dear Editor. 

During a recent visit into town for supplies, I couldn’t help but notice tourists still walking around and actually shopping at our local grocer. 

This past Thursday our government mandated a provincial lockdown! “Essential travel only”. Yet, there seems too many that continue to make our small village a vacation destination during these trying times. 

We’ve lived here for a few years now and I rarely have anything to complain about, let alone send a letter to a newspaper, but this, I consider a serious issue for all of us up here. 

My wife is a front line essential worker in Tobermory so this flagrant breaking of the law has really hit home with me. 

I’m not sure who though is more to blame. The visitors themselves or the cottage owners that rent them space knowing that they’re arriving from a heavily infected area. I guess it must be tempting to collect some extra cash during the middle of winter when during a normal year you may be sitting empty. If I’m wrong where are these visitors spending the night? I’m quite certain they’re not camping. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for making some extra money, but when it puts my family, our town and all of our brave front line workers at needless risk, a big line must be drawn. 

I do realize some visitors are probably day trippers, but most definitely not all, by the sheer amount of supplies that are being purchased. 

Also, I had heard a B&B in Owen Sound was charged $5,000.00 earlier this week for ignoring this provincial directive, so maybe a good idea to begin canceling some of those pending reservations.

I’m not sure what could be done at this point, but I feel that if an OPP officer stood in town on a Saturday the sheer amount of $750 fines he would hand out would make it very worthwhile. Or dare I say it, follow them to where they’re staying and fine the STA owners as well. 

Do we not pay the province a large sum of money to have the police service our town? 

I would like some service. 

Please keep our families safe. “Stop the Spread”.

Rick Dorscht,

Eagle Harbour