Letter: Attention Bruce Peninsula Firearms Owners


Dear Editor:

This is an open letter to Bruce Peninsula firearms owners to remind and encourage attendance to the meeting at the Durham Community Centre to be held between 2 to 4pm, on Sunday February 3rd, 2019.

Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MP Larry Miller has invited the Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction, for consultations on firearm related topics. Minister Blair in 2018 has stated that he had information that 50% of all firearms used in crime have been sourced from legal owners in Canada which is untrue. The inference is that legal firearm owners are somehow responsible for the murder and mayhem inflicted on the Canadian public by criminal thugs and terrorists. Minister Blair’s government vilifies legal Canadian firearm owners in the approach march toward seizure of legally acquired private property. Minister Blair is attending to hear from rural Canadians about the Government’s proposed firearms policies. 

If you are a firearm owner please consider taking a few hours on Feb. 3rd to attend and let Minister Blair hear your opposition to a cynical ploy to make uninformed Canadians believe that the Government is taking effective steps to stop the criminal misuse of firearms. Let Minister Blair know that current existing legislation, with respect to firearm possession, is much more than adequate if enforced and vigorously prosecuted. 

If you decide to attend there will no doubt be photo media present so please dress conservatively if possible (like you were attending a job interview). I will look forward to seeing significant local representation on Feb. 3rd.

Yours truly:

Douglas SWEIGER,

Tobermory, Ontario