Rotary Club of Northern Bruce Peninsula January News: Happy New Year!

Submitted by Jim Dilamarter

Our Club Members wish everyone in our area a Happy New Year! We ask you to stay safe and healthy and express our thanks for your support every year. Rotary has been in this community since 1954. We are so grateful for our community partners and supporters. May 2021 be a year of good news and pleasant memories for us all.

Membership in the Year Ahead

The Pandemic has touched every one of us. Service Clubs, such as Rotary, Lions, Lioness, Royal Canadian Legion, and a host of others have had to try to continue operation in a strange and challenging environment.

Our Rotary Club, under the leadership of President Cathryn Buckley has implemented Hybrid Meetings. Some of us go to the meetings on Zoom and others were able to go, with proper safety measures in place, to the Rotary Hall for in-person meetings. Of course, those ‘in-person’ events are now postponed until we get out of lockdown.

Our Hybrid Meetings were extraordinarily successful and, although we were not able to continue the many ‘hands on’ activities and events we are used to doing, we did enjoy the opportunity to serve our community in novel and unique ways. We summarized what we did during 2020 in our last article, but we are proud that we can still work to make things better for so many people.

My nephew’s partner posted something on Facebook. I borrowed her post as I think it is worth sharing with everyone. To me it reflected just what Rotary strives to do and is something we all should endeavour to follow.

For our New Year…

May joy replace sorrow,

May health replace illness,

May tranquility replace unrest,

May empathy replace judgment,

May gratitude replace complaining,

May wholeness replace divisiveness,

May understanding replace ignorance,

May appreciation replace condemnation,

And, above all, may love replace hate.

We continue to seek members who reflect these statements. If you are interested in joining us as a member of our Rotary Club, please contact us through our Rotary e-mail at or talk to one of our local Rotarians. We shall be pleased to give you more information on our service club and how you can help.

We currently have 20 members, each of whom will speak highly of the friendship and the service that Rotary provides to the community and to members. Our motto is ‘Service Above Self’ and we try to demonstrate that in all we do.

Polio Plus

Someone asked, “Just what does the ‘Plus’ in Polio Plus mean?” Our club has, for as long as the program has been around, supported Rotary International’s goal to eliminate Polio worldwide. We are close to complete success. COVID-19 has influenced the work. 

What Rotary does is support the vaccination of all children everywhere. Even with the challenges of our times, polio has all but been eliminated worldwide thanks to our efforts. But it is not just inoculations that need to be done to support the effects of polio.

Musa is a young farmer in Borno State, Nigeria. Polio had affected his life for years. Every time he went for feed for his animals he had to pay for transportation, and he had little money. Rotary provided a hand-operated tricycle for Musa. He now gets his supplies without paying money for transportation there and back.

It is little things like Musa’s tricycle, nets for children’s hospital beds, helping deliver antimalarial medicines, distributing soap and organizing health camps to treat other conditions that make up the PLUS in Rotary Plus. 

Each Rotary Club tries to have some event each year to raise funds to help with Polio Plus. We are actively serving our local community and our world. 

As time goes on, we shall share with you what our club is doing to raise money for Polio Plus.