Brothers Alex and Carson Spurgeon pose with their snowmen built for Golden Dawn Residents.
By Joanne Rodgers,
Bruce Peninsula Press

Operation Snowman was a go on 28 December. Locals came out to build snow people at the Golden Dawn, Hayes Senior Apartments and the Lion’s Head Hospital. 

Operation Snowman successfully built snow people at the Golden Dawn Senios Citizen Home (photo above), Hayes Senior Apartments and the Lion’s Head Hospital (photo below).

All the builders and snow people observed social distancing rules and stayed outdoors. Residents at the Golden Dawn waved from inside, watched the proceedings and some took photos of the event. While the snow conditions were perfect at the Golden Dawn for making snow persons, an hour later, not so much. The crusty top layer of snow proved to be a challenge, but the builders persevered and created a group of no less than ten snow people outside the hospital. The event was organized by Wendy Rodgers as a way to offer some cheer to the seniors and frontline staff during this shutdown period.