Letter: Thank You to Our Canadian Friends


During these difficult times my husband and I have not been able to visit our cottage since March. We want to thank our Canadian friends (you know who you are) for maintaining our property, checking our mail, etc.

Mentally, the Pandemic has been a strain on all of us, but our Canadian friends have alleviated some of our anxiety. Hopefully, in 2021 there is a glimmer of hope that we will join our friends in the Bruce Peninsula. There will be a “new normal” for all of us.

Our Canadian friends and the Bruce Peninsula Press have informed us of what is happening in the Bruce Peninsula.

KUDOS: to the businesses for maintaining Covid 19 protocol but especially to Peacock’s Foodland despite eggs thrown and windows smashed, to the community in donating their returnables to Keep the Bruce Clean & Green, and to all who have taken this Pandemic seriously. 

Angie & Wayne Beutel