Updated Plans for Remembrance Day Ceremonies from Br 202 Lion’s Head

Submitted by Richard Smith, President Branch 202

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, the plans for the Remembrance Day Ceremonies are going to be slightly different from previous years. The plan listed below was put in place to keep everyone safe.

• At Monument Corners, wreaths will be put in place at 9:15 AM. The service will start at 9:30 AM. 

• At Lion’s Head, wreaths will be placed at 10:30 AM with the service starting at 10:45 AM. Last post and rouse will occur at 11:00 AM.

All participants will maintain a two meter distance from each other and wear masks. Spectators are discouraged from attending because of limited space.

Please remember to pick up your poppy at one of the businesses in the Lion’s Head area. The poppies are free to everyone who wishes to wear one; however, Branch 202 is grateful for anyone who wishes to make donations to its Poppy Fund.