Rotary Club of Northern Bruce Peninsula News: Santa Called! Not Once, But Twice! Guess What? He’s Coming to Town!

NBP is lucky to have Santa scheduled for a physically distanced visit on Friday, December 4th.
Submitted by Jim Dilamarter

Our Rotary Club will not be able to organize a Santa Claus Parade this year due to Covid-19. We were, of course, saddened and concerned but realize safety and health are most important.

Santa was alerted and wants us all to be safe. Apparently, they are having all sorts of safety precautions at the North Pole as well and he is taking extra care with the elves and the reindeer this year. He is sure that his trip on Christmas Eve will still go on without a problem.

Santa’s second call was so exciting. He has decided to make a special trip to the Northern Bruce and asked for our help. He has asked us to get his local sleigh out and arrange some visits for him on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4th.

Here is his itinerary so far; it may change, but he is so excited about at least being able to see the boys and girls. 

• He will start by going to Bruce Peninsula District School at 10:00 a.m. that morning. Mr. Pickett, the Principal, will have the younger children there so that Santa can wave and make sure they are going to be good for the rest of the year. Santa wants everyone to be safe and, therefore, will not be getting out of the sleigh.

• He will then head to the Golden Dawn for a ‘drive by’ so that he can wave at his great friends there. He is expecting to be there around 10:30 a.m. 

• Then it is off to the Day Care in Lion’s Head to wave and say ‘hi’ to all the children there. Once again, he will not be able to get out of the sleigh and urges all to be safe.

• He will then do a ‘drive through’ of the Seniors Apartment Complex on Hayes Drive and urges his friends there to wave at him as he goes along.

• He wants to go to St. Edmund’s School in Tobermory as well and will arrive there he expects before noon. It is Santa’s hope to make a few other stops in Tobermory while he is there. It is going to be a great visit and time to wave at Santa.

Wow! That is a busy schedule, but he must be back to the North Pole to help with the early December toy organization and make sure Rudolph is still exercising the other reindeer for the big night. We are so happy that he will be coming. 

Honey Helps

Rotary is thrilled with the response to our new Honey Sales. Past President Doug Embleton has been working hard at this and we thank him for letting us use his store as the selling spot. Check it out. Honey lasts forever but this Georgian Bay Honey is so good that it does not stay on the shelves long. I know I love to enjoy it every morning and have already been to Doug’s place to get a bottle. $14.98 for a 1 kg. jar of liquid or creamed honey is a real bargain, and it makes a good present for anyone. We also have available Buckwheat Honey for $19.98.

Polio Plus

Many in our community know that Rotarians have been working to eliminate Polio from the world since 1979. Since then 2.5 billion children have received the oral polio vaccine. 

As of last year, only two polio-endemic countries (countries that have never interrupted the transmission of wild poliovirus) remain. They are Afghanistan and Pakistan. Without the program more than 17 million people who are currently healthy would have been paralyzed. 

This has been a long struggle, but we are proud of the work of our club and Rotary International to help eliminate this terrible disease. That is why, each year, we celebrate World Polio Day on October 24th. It reminds us that, although much has been done; the fight goes on every day.

We thank all who have, over the years, helped eliminate polio.