In The Garden: Hints From a Mrs Gardener – Spring Is Here!

Submitted by Joan Regan

It’s here! It’s here! Spring is here! The work will begin. The winds of Winter sure left a mess over here on the bend. Loving our garden… don’t love the mess it left.

This year I have a plan (ya sure I do). I intend to circle the house slowly picking up fallen branches etc. They will go into the fire pit. Then slowly working my way into the yard spreading out as I go. Twice as many branches this year it seems, or is it just because I’ve had another birthday? 

So thankful I cleaned and oiled all my tools last Fall; they are all ready to go. I can actually see a smile on the front of my clippers and rakes. I am now down to one wheelbarrow – my 1966 one has retired, he has decided he wants to be a handsome planter now. He was one of the first things purchased back in 66 when we bought our first home. Happy retirement old friend.

Even though I so want to get in the back gardens with my super fluffing rake, I am so far keeping myself under control.(still a bit frozen back there). But I can get the wood chip paths raked up and picked up and ready to go. After the clean up they will need a “fluffing” again. But my fan rakes tell me they’re ready. So we will wait. 

It won’t be long till I look out the back windows and see green. Until then I will play with my indoor garden of house plants, getting them ready and toughened up for their coming Summer of neglect. 

Surprised they try still to make me Happy.

Happy Early Spring Gardening,


Keep Safe Gardening friends

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PS: Start saving all your Orange/Tangerine/Nectarine peels to put out to kill those sweet little slugs, that are just looming under the mulch.