Letter: Tourism Blah, Blah, Blah…


OK, how many blah, blah, blah meetings shall we have, believe the latest was Special Council Meeting With Tourism Stakeholders — What Would Success Look Like?; common to each of these meetings includes the voicing of random theories and opinions (which as they say, everyone has one), with no defined conclusions let alone actions as intended to cause a specific change (this is why “consultants” get rich). 

Well improvement management 101 would suggest we undertake some basic steps:

-STEP #1 collect the data, maybe even develop a scorecard (would that not be beneficial), there are available metrics galore, example: # of Park visitors, # of Ferry users, Municipal expense $’s towards tourism, # of by-law infractions tourism (or rental) related, maybe even have access to # of Peacock’s transactions, Municipal revenue $’s from parking revenue, etc. etc.

-STEP #2 Municipal leaders (as we have elected) define the desired end-state in quantifiable detail

-STEP #3 develop an action plan with milestones, completion dates and ownerships

-STEP #4 hold minimum monthly progress reviews and adjust where appropriate. 

You don’t need a “manager” for this, you simply need some basic understanding of improvement management 101.

Carl Camper,

Johnsons Harbour