Letter: Owen Sound Area Meets the Northern Bruce Peninsula


There are some welcoming places for visitors from the Owen Sound area in the Northern Bruce Peninsula. The places are well kept and the nature life seems eager to have artistic explorers. It might seem like in Owen Sound we would know this area and it would be similar to the smooth stone beaches and flat rocks and sand on Georgian Bay around the Sound with the cool waters and the refreshing yet sometimes special warm winds. 

It is different terrain up the Peninsula in the Northern Bruce. In fact different areas have different land and beach features. Some beaches like around Stokes Bay have the grasses that blow in the soft and mightier winds. Miller Lake has the picturesque views of trees and sunsets. Lion’s Head has the sandy beaches with the huge, giant and loving Pine or Spruce trees. Tobermory has the dreamy feel of the tip of the Peninsula, an important place for destinations and yet people can travel beyond in boats of many kinds. Some children from Owen Sound don’t know about these lands only an hour away. 

The children that live on these lands are lucky and fortunate to have such beautiful places to call home. It must be an effort to live far from a city centre but communities on the Bruce often look out for one another. Indigenous children might show others a few things about nature and they may have songs they sing. 

On October 27th it was wear purple day for children. To help them be recognized because being a child has some things that aren’t always easy…. and more joys are good to see. The Northern Bruce Peninsula has much cottage country and tourist invitations… but the people that live there make it home for themselves. 

The Owen Sound area, and especially the children here, would be happy to appreciate the Northern Bruce Peninsula if they knew more about it. I am lucky that I have had friends, neighbours and families that have helped me to travel there from Owen Sound. Some truly wonderful travel experiences.

Melanie Knapp