In The Garden: Hints From A Mrs. Gardener – 2020 Gardening Season Officially Finished

Submitted by Joan Regan

It’s hard to believe there are any leaves left on the trees when there are so many on the ground. It is so beautiful; loving the colours of Fall.

Thankfully all the hoses are drained and hung up, pots and hanging baskets that are left are full of soil and loaded up with greenery (awaiting next season’s décor).

The many garden tools are cleaned and put away, they are rubbed down with olive/vegetable oil before going into the bins for the winter in the shed… the shed that has not been tidied up for years is now tidy and clean. I finally got it organised. Everything came out, Pete hung the rototiller up and out of the way and away I went. Large hooks went up, shelves were made sturdy, bins had oily rags put in for all the hand tools to spend the winter and pots condensed. The bins I got at the $ store a few years ago and didn’t use. Some went on a shelf, some got hung up, all got filled up. The nozzles were dried out; the good ones in the bins, the others garbage. All the hose attachments went in another. Every single thing found a home… even the huge plastic trugs got hung up. So much room now!

I walked around the garden a couple of times to see what I forgot. It looked so tidy and organised I must have forgot something. Nope. Once everything found a home I even had room to store a couple of other things in the shed. I even left a bin for the squirrels to make their winter home in. There always has been a bed in that shed come Spring. I toss it out (don’t want it becoming a nursery). Not as many squirrels around though I noticed this year, so maybe no winter bed. 

Now, I just have to pull the tarp down and it’s ready for winter, even if I’m not. Having the hoses hung up says I’m finished for the 2020 garden season. Onto my indoor garden, my gardening books, and many garden sites and plans for 2021. 

Happy Indoor Gardening,

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