L-R: Cele Eadie, former St Edmunds teacher Bill Muzzy and Judy Caulfeild- Browne at the 2016 school reunion held at the St Edmunds Bruce Peninsula Museum.
Submitted by Rob Davis

Unfortunately, like many local attractions and businesses, the St Edmunds Bruce Peninsula Museum was adversely affected this past year by the Covid 19 pandemic. 

All was not lost however, and while we were unable to open to the public, volunteer work continued. It is important to note that all volunteer work and meetings were conducted following the appropriate Covid guidelines.

The grounds were well maintained with colourful flowers planted and our butterfly garden continuing to thrive. Inside, our primary focus was on updating our records, completing condition reports of our artifacts and developing our archive section. In addition, we were able to hold two informal meetings to plan for next year. 

In 2021, we hope to again host the wood carvers, wood turners, quilters and spinners. We would also like to have a display or demonstration of stained glass art. 

We are planning to display a collection of antique bottles. One of our volunteers has a large collection that she will present. We will also be asking for contributions (short term loans) from any collectors who would like to display. 

Early Cottage Life Exhibit Planned for 2021

Our main event next year will focus on early cottage life. Over the years, as people visited our area, small, one room cabins began to spring up. While a large number of these cabins have been replaced, many are still in use. We will be looking for artifacts, memories, photos that will help us recreate what early cottage life was like. We will be announcing more about this event in the spring of 2021.

We were saddened to learn that a former teacher passed away earlier this summer. Bill Muzzy began his teaching career at our one room school in 1956 and taught here for two years. When we hosted a school reunion in 2016, Mr Muzzy attended and was our keynote speaker. He charmed us with stories of teaching in a different time, being welcomed into the community and that his experience laid the foundation for him to have a long successful career in teaching. He was fondly remembered by his former students.

We are not short of ideas to enhance our museum. We are however short of volunteers and contributors. The archive section will be an ideal location to preserve family histories and information that disappears from generation to generation. If you would like to get involved, please contact Ruth Bainbridge at 519-596-2129 or Rob Davis at 519-596-8766.