Letter: It’s Time to “Take Back The Bruce”


Bruce Peninsula residents are getting a very clear idea of what it is like to live in an area where both local residents and visitors to the area act in a manner that is not only disrespectful of others and our environment but is also, quite frankly, dangerous. 

Driving down Highway 6 at over 200 km/hr, tailgating anyone who doesn’t drive over the speed limit, crowding beaches and public spaces with no attempt to social distance, setting fires on municipal, park & private property, leaving garbage and human waste wherever you choose, removing stone from the shoreline, camping illegally, dumping holding tanks and agricultural waste into the waters of Georgian Bay, parking vehicles wherever you choose, aggressive behaviour on the Bruce Trail, assaulting local by-law officers. The number of such incidents seems to be growing week by week.

This is not an US versus THEM scenario. As long-time residents of this area we have witnessed local residents who have exhibited a total lack of respect for others and our environment over the years on numerous occasions. Add to this the ever-increasing number of visitors from other provinces, the GTA and other municipalities who demonstrate a total disregard for local ordinances designed to protect us and you have a situation that is quickly spiralling out of control. We live in a UNESCO World Heritage site on the Bruce, but we are not protecting it the way we need to do so.

It is time for our municipal, county and provincial representatives to hold an urgent public consultation with all residents of the peninsula in order to put in place new, proactive strategies to protect our communities and environment. Because – it is being destroyed by people, both local residents and visitors, who have a complete disregard for our environment and the people who live here. If a new strategy is not put in place, I fear the spectre of vigilante behaviour by local residents who will take matters into their own hands, leading to even further tragedy for all involved. All we need to do is to look south of the border to see what happens when ordinary citizens, who have seen their communities terrorized, reach their breaking point. We are kidding ourselves if we think we are any different.

It’s time to “Take Back The Bruce”.

Barry J. Robinson, 

Cape Chin South