Letter: Police Only Part of Equation to Make Community Better


Dear Editor,

As I left my home on the Bruce Peninsula as a teenager, to join the Toronto Police Service in 1987, I had a dream to one day join the Ontario Provincial Police with the goal of becoming the local Detachment Commander. I came a step closer to that goal in 1994 when I became a member of the OPP. With a new wife and family, I continued my policing career, being promoted to sergeant and to finally becoming your Detachment Commander in 2010. 

I have always believed the words of Sir Robert Peel, who stated “The people are the police and the police are the people”. With that basic philosophy in mind, I maintained an open door policy, making myself available to my community. I was always willing to listen with an open mind and tried to make the decision that was the right thing to do when all factors were considered. I believe it is the responsibility of every community member to work together to make THEIR community a better place: the police are only part of that equation. 

Looking back, I am proud of my policing career and the successes we have enjoyed while working collaboratively together. The most rewarding times in my career were those when my officers or I were able to make a positive difference in someone’s life. I believe no greater honour can be had than to spend one’s energy in the service of others.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all the family, friends, community members and groups that reached out to me and offered their support to my family and I over the years. It was more deeply appreciated than you will ever know. I am proud to have been your detachment commander these past 8 years and truly hope I was able to make all the communities of the Bruce Peninsula a little better place for the generations to come. 


Wayne Thompson