Letter: Thoughts About the Guaranteed Annual Income


I would like to remind those considering the BIG (Basic Income Guarantee) of the stress relief it represents. Stress relief affects every area of life, health and work, every cost of everything else. When people can set up a budget to take care of basics monthly, it frees them to give their gifts in the community without having to do a ‘bread and butter’ job that may not use their gifts at all. It frees their creativity to deal with the pressing issues we so need resolved.

Decades ago, when I was a young mother, I wrote to then Prime Minister Jean Chretien, asking that the government seriously consider this move that would simplify their operations in caring for all Canadians. 

I didn’t spend my working life as I would have chosen, or in the best way for the community I served.

This is a time, like no other, when we need individual energy and creativity freed up to deal with the issues that face us.

Bev Sawyer