Letter: Dumping off the Norgoma in Tobermory?


Well now, isn’t that just what we need? Another huge “attraction” for Tobermory as we are not overcrowded enough now. Especially in Little Tub Harbour where you would have trouble squeezing in another ice cream stand. This old boat is huge – over 180 feet long, over 30 feet wide and higher than a house!

Certainly I would not want to see any Township money involved with this and I understand berths at the harbour are spoken for into the next century.

Importantly, I do not see any happiness at all expressed by residents over anything that increases tourism beyond the current extreme levels – and we pay over 85 percent of the taxes. Pressure has even been put on our own National Park not to advertise.

I noted in the last issue of the PP an extensive article on the fears of the Dyers Bay Citizens that Tourists would return to their fair village if the washed-out Cabot Head road were repaired. There seems to be a common theme here.

So, in sum, why would we want this dubious “attraction” here?

Also, many people are planning to drop out of STAs if the restrictions threatened by the “Consultants” (based on cursory observations of far larger noncomparable Municipalities) are put in place, so where are these newly attracted people going to stay? At one of the five motels that usually have no vacancies in the summer maybe?

I note the relatively large city of Sault St Marie could not manage to support the vessel after trying hard to do so for over 30 years. Their Council has been looking for several years for a place to dump it. Are we sure our tiny village and our even tinier Little Tub Harbour should serve as a recycling depot for this ¾’s of a century old rust bucket? (its been out of service for over 40 long years…)


Kevin Doyle, Dorcas Bay

PS: Speaking of STRs, I was greatly dismayed to read a recent Council agenda based on the ramblings of the young Consultants.

No mention was made of the low cost control methods of various Municipalities like Kawartha Lakes (population of ~ 75,000) https://www.kawarthalakes.ca/en/things-to-do/short-term-rentals.aspx or Tiny Township (pop of ~ 11,000) https://www.tiny.ca/Shared%20Documents/By-law/Short%20Term%20Rental%20Brochure%20-%20Oct%2031%202019.pdf 

North Bruce Peninsula has a population of about 3,999 according to the 2016 census, many of whom operate below the poverty line.

The tremendous and historic damage being done by Covid to the economics of the province, the debt load of municipalities, the future of our children and the job security of millions of people in North America requires that every attempt be made to save money at all levels. It would seem to me that implementation of the essentially “no additional cost plan” of these two major Townships would be the way to immediately proceed. The wheel does not need to be reinvented in our mini Township of 4,000 souls nor does some esoteric concoction from downtown Toronto or Collingwood need to be even considered for implementation in these tough economic times. 

To my small mind It would be ethically irresponsible to spend any further manpower on this item that has been using up Council time, Staff time and Township resources for over a year.