Letter: My Thoughts on Mandatory Wearing of Masks


I am a Retired Registered Nurse… so the wearing of a mask was an important part of my life and we wore them when we were required to do so. It was as simple as that.

My concern is that some of the public feel this is not necessary. They feel they have a choice and perhaps they do. But most are guests in our home.

We welcome you, but you are our guests, and we are a very vulnerable community. Most of us are retired and we are seniors. 

We offer curbside service and our shopkeepers will gladly facilitate your every need. 

Other communities have reached out so kindly to help each other, with food, with care and with love. We the residents of Tobermory, and the Northern Bruce Peninsula, need a different kind of care. We need your respect and a different kind of love… we need you to wear a mask to protect us. 

Thank You,

Ferelith Hoffmann-Taylor,

a Resident of Tobermory