Letter: Response to BIG Letter in Issue #10/20 Encourage Everyone to Read It


Thank you to Brian McHattie and Noreen Steinacher for the comprehensive letter re the Basic Income Guarantee in the last edition of the Bruce Peninsula Press.  It certainly explained in great detail and in understandable terms the concept and importance of the BIG, also known as the Universal Basic Income.  One main point stood out is that is not Welfare.  I encourage readers if you have not done so, go back and read it in its entirety.  I look forward to the next letter to be sent to the Press explaining how the BIG plays out in the Saugeen Bruce Peninsula.

Also, in the same edition of the Press I read the council minutes where a motion by Megan Myles was put forward to support a resolution passed by the City of Kitchener Council regarding Universal Basic Income.  The Kitchener Council passed the resolution. 8 to 3, that asked the Ontario Government to pursue a partnership with Federal Counterparts to establish a Universal Basic Income. The motion asking for support for the Kitchener resolution was defeated with only Megan Myles voting in favour. This is such an important issue and one that the current crisis has shone a spotlight on. An ever – increasing issue of Food and Housing Insecurity affecting folks that could be our relatives, friends or neighbours.

I am reminded of the old saying “There but for the Grace of God go I”.  Indeed, Mayor McIver, Deputy Mayor Myles and Councillors Golden and Mielhausen.  Indeed.

Linda Godhue