Letter: Response to Prejudice


While there has been a lot of discussion about whether or not cottagers should be coming up to the Bruce at this time, there is a far greater problem than the pandemic brewing. 

A few weeks ago, Mr. Lin wrote a letter about a horrific incident that happened to his children in Wiarton. According to his letter, Mr. Lin’s children were victims of a horrific display of hatred towards them. 

I cried when I heard what had happened and I waited to see if there would be some response either by letter or by opinion in the local newspapers but have yet to see a response. If his concerns are true, my only hope is that the citizens surrounding the Lins have given them the support they need and have showed them that this is not how other Canadians feel. 

This verbal attack on his CHILDREN is a disgusting display by an uneducated, despicable tormentor, but what is more disturbing, is that no one seems willing to write against it. If no one else will stand up, I have to. Never in all the years I have worked in a city have I heard such vitriol. 

People, hang your heads in shame or stand up and decry this prejudice!

Anne Kearsley