Letter: Disdain for Cottagers During COVID-19


I am a “permanent” resident of the Bruce and have read the back and forth banter. I have kept my travel to a minimum (water groceries) but during my walks I take note and have seen the rise in people since March break…. some people stay the course, I personally don’t mind this choice…. others every weekend with no regard for safety. 

Unless we who are writing are doctors or experts in the field, we really should not comment on what is right or wrong, as we probably are not qualified. That question is for professionals. 

Who is right or wrong? Stop wasting time bickering and follow what you are supposed to do people (it is a pandemic). Facts and science will inform you if you choose to listen or read.

So how does this, a symptomatic virus spread? Travel. Yes travel. That should tell us all we need to know.

So my point would be, where are we going this weekend? The cottage? It’s no wonder people are nervous about travel to the Bruce. This isn’t over. 

Stay safe, but also be safe when coming to the Bruce.

Reg Macdonald