Brothers Mason and Ashten Sherman with their bird houses. Proceeds from the bird house sales went to the Lion’s Head & District Foodbank. Way to go guys!
Submitted by Darlene Myles

Two brothers from the Lion’s Head Community decided they wanted to donate money to the local foodbank. Mason and Ashten Sherman built bird houses to sell, with the proceeds going to the Lion’s Head & District Foodbank. They were very successful in their venture, raising $500.00. Their mother says they are thinking of other projects to do to raise more money. Great job boys!! I see a couple up and coming entrepreneurs in our community!

Sahara Weatherhead, a Grade 8 student at BPDS decided to donate the proceeds from her Grade 8 trip fundraising to the Foodbank. Due to covid restrictions, the trip was cancelled for this year’s graduating students. Sahara sold Elegant White Birch All Natural Log Planters. These planters are Canadian made. Actually, they are Bruce Peninsula made by Bruce Peninsula residents Jon and Brock Liverance. Sahara was also very successful in her efforts donating $200.00 to the Lion’s Head & District Foodbank!

Congratulations to Mason, Ashton and Sahara! You have not only demonstrated awareness of our community needs but have come up with ways to put your thoughts into action. You have made a great difference in this community by your donations! You have probably inspired others to identify needs in the community and create ways to respond. Keep up the good work!